A model house for Chepang quake victim


हेर्नुहोस भिडियो

model house for a shake casualty will be built at Chepangtar of Chhiti VDC in Lamjung.

The nearby Myangro Tree Resort administrator Debendra Babu Tiwari had taken the activity to build the model house for Krishna Chepang Wagle, 65, of the VDC.Krishna had lost his home to the overwhelming seismic tremor of April 25.Nepali Army fighters from Pashupati Battalion, local people, German and Canadian residents, among others, will develop a quake safe house in the town.

Tiwari said that they would develop the quake safe house to set a case in the town. "A message needs to spread among the occupants that with straightforward and shabby venture a quake safe houses can be made," he said. He included that the dividers of the house could be made of mud.Tiwari assessed a financial plan of three lakh for the development of the house.

The villagers were thronging to see the under-development house.Meanwhile, Battalion Chief Sumangat Katwal of Pashupati Battalion said that the Nepali Army had assumed a conspicuous part in help circulation and in saving casualties after the seismic tremor.

Krishna's life had compounded after the debacle. "I was disregarded by my children, yet I am upbeat after Tiwari and armed force work force helped in the development of my home," he included.

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