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हेर्नुहोस भिडियो

In this video a kid sees his companion in bicycle and ask him from where he got that bicycle, his companion says an interesting, sentimental and hot anecdote around a bicycle and the video will finish.Another essential viewpoint is "the multiplexes". The cinemagoers at the multiplexes are center, upper center, compelling and high social class individuals who'd change themselves to see Hindi/English motion picture as opposed to Nepali films. However, to some degree, the Nepali movies have ached for their way and draw the Bollywood/Hollywood gatherings of people, multiplexes alone are not adequate to make it business. In the meantime, the progressions that the New creators are competing for has made an opportunity on different producers to make "movies of their decisions" and redirect the groups of onlookers from the general grasp. No big surprise, the non-multiplexes silver screen producers are profiting at the expense of New Cinema Makers who focused more on quality.

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