"BHATTI KO SAHUNI" New Nepali H@t Short Movie


हेर्नुहोस भिडियो

Online networking assumes an essential part in individuals' life these days.

A standout amongst the most famous online networking now is Facebook. Beginning from an arrangement kid Facebook has developed to wind up exceptionally hu*ge. There may be not very many individuals on the planet who don't have Facebook or are not well known to it. It has turned into a piece of individuals' ordinary life. These days everybody is utilizing Facebook. Individuals disregard their everyday lives on account of Facebook and numerous cr!m!nal exercises have additionally occurred due to it. Individuals on Facebook begins to converse with new individuals and draw near to them just by taking a gander at their profile and not knowing who they really are.

Another Nepali short motion picture has been transferred on YouTube which is a sort of a mindfulness video for every one of the general population who are dependent on Facebook and the individuals who trust individuals on Facebook effortlessly. The short film demonstrates the level of habit of Facebook among individuals of a town. A spouse, an irregular man and just about everybody is dependent on Facebook and need to discover adoration through it yet what they don't know is that Facebook affection is not perpetual and ordinarily it is fa^ke. In the meantime a young lady and a kid are visiting on Facebook and have begun to become hopelessly enamored. The gentleman is an awful man and one day he calls her to meet. The young lady additionally concurs yet he takes her in a wilderness and begins to kiss her. The young lady gets exceptionally furious and tries to leave yet he undermines her by saying that he is going to post the photographs of her on Facebook so she needs to do all that he says. The young lady may have gotten into tro*uble yet gets spared by individuals of the town who are against such sort of thing.

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