Darling Don’t Cheat Official Trailer


हेर्नुहोस भिडियो

A gathering of individuals, generally containing ladies, smoldered blurbs of the film amidst the road close to the Meerut locale collectorate. They likewise composed a letter to the Meerut locale powers to boycott the film. The protestors claim that the depiction of ladies in the film was impolite, resists the rich convention of the nation and induces individuals against Indian society. In any case, what truly provoked them was the 'bare outing' challenge that the movie producers have started, which the protestors said was unsuitable. Coordinated by Rajkumar Hindusthani, the film highlights Ram Gaurav Pandey, Ashish Tyagi and Neha Chaterji, and is slated to discharge on March 11. The protestors droned trademarks like "Rajkumar Hindusthani Hai" and against the film, requesting a boycott in Meerut, as well as in the whole western Uttar Pradesh.

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