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Named Scrambler Sixty2, the new machine is persuaded by a 399cc motor, which offers half of the standard Scrambler's 803cc removal, while whatever remains of the bicycle is really near its more genuine kin.

While the typical Scrambler has a 88mm bore and a 66mm stroke, the 399cc rendition changes that to a 72 x 49mm setup, whilst offering the same air-cooled L-Twin arrangement.

A to some degree comparable dividing plan is connected to the yield, with the Scrambler's 75 hp and 50 lb-ft (68 Nm) of turn being downsized to 41 hp and 25 lb-ft (34 Nm) of torque.

As far as the undercarriage, the steel trellis edge is kept, yet not at all like on account of the typical Scrambler's altered Kayaba fork, the Sixty2 packs an ordinary position Showa Fork. There's a Kayaba back damper that can be balanced for preload, while the wheel go of 5.9 inches (150mm), offered at both finishes of the bicycle, reflect that of the first bicycle.

The same can be said in regards to the 4.4 inches (112mm) of trail and the 24-degree rake point, however the wheelbase has hopped 0.6 inches (152mm) to 57.5 inches (146mm) for the immensely essential, particularly for the focused on riders, steadiness.
Indeed, the motor may take after the plan specified above, however with regards to the scales, the Sixty2 sits at 403 lbs (182 kg) in wet structure, which means it's just 8 lbs (3.6 kg) lighter contrasted with the standard Scrambler.

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