Eating Girl's Food Prank by Funk You


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Funk You is an extremely prominent Indian YouTube channel. The channel is known not new farces, pr@nks and interesting recordings. The channel initially picked up consideration in the wake of transferring an exceptionally entertaining spoof video of Sunny Leone's 'Infant Doll'.

Presently the channel has transferred another pr@nk video on their channel and it is called 'Eating Girl's Food Pr@^nk by Funk You'.

In the pr@nk video a gathering of individuals go to a composition and the pr@nk is that in the container of the montage they will eat individuals' sustenance without their consent and take a gander at their responses. In the first place a man goes and sits adjacent to two individuals. He presents himself and hello there fives them. At that point all of a sudden he pulls one of the fellow's plate and begins to eat from it. The gentleman is sh^ocked and take a gander at the man's face in indignation and he even begins to ask who he is.

The another man goes before a gathering of young ladies and without saying anything he pulls one of the young ladies plate and brings it away with him and begins to eat from it. The young ladies get stunned and are comfortable yet later she goes before the man and takes her plate back.

A few gatherings then again gets exceptionally furious and forceful where as different young ladies look in sh*ock and just chuckle about it.

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