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This is genuinely too great! In the video presented on Kylie's Instagram page on Jan. 28, Kris, Khloe, Kourtney and Kim are seen showcasing that quite popular scene from the film in which Regina George's mom advises her and her companions that she's "not care for a normal mother," she's "a cool mother." Now, while the Kardashian ladies might not have physically showcased the parts themselves, their appearances were superimposed over the first character's confronts, which on the off chance that you ask us, just makes the video that much more clever. Actually, Kris assumes control as Ms. George, while Khloe, Kourt and Kim assume control for Cady, Gretchen and Regina separately.

On the off chance that you ask us, the throwing is so spot-on, it's practically dreadful! Still, we can't resist the urge to giggle at seeing a Kim-style Regina George advising her mom, "Please quit talking" a scene that we're verging on positive has showed up on Keeping Up With The Kardashians some time recently. Plainly, Kylie was having a tiny bit of fun here with her family, and who could point the finger at her it's the ideal correlation! Indeed, even thus, Kylie ensured that the video wasn't considered excessively important, subtitling it: "I detest the Internet lmaoooo." As are we Kylie. As are we.

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