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"It's my sibling's auto." That's what Leona Chin educated four educators concerning her powerful games auto. She then slowed down the stick-change auto in first gear and haphazardly turned the wipers on — before unleashing the abilities she has sharpened as an expert driver. Ruin, and some frenzy, resulted.

The trick was designed by the driving school and Malaysia's MaxMan TV; the subsequent video has been seen more than 23 million times since it was distributed before the end of last month. We're posting it here in the soul of April Fools' Day. (It's more intriguing than the vast majority of the jokes we're seeing out there.)

We'll alert you that the video appears to incorporate a brief upheaval of obscenity, after Chin smokes the tires and heaves the auto into an exact figure-eight.

"Try not to disparage ladies," MaxMan composed when it initially posted the video highlighting Chin, who calls herself the "Young lady Drifter."

For the trick, both Chin and one of her autos experienced a change. Her hair was put into ponytails, and she wore thick-rimmed glasses. Rather than her standard flame suit, she wore a SpongeBob SquarePants dress, highlighted by happy clasps. Her auto was stripped of its supporter marking and a back spoiler; an expansive stuffed bear was postured in the back seat.

The trick was supposedly pulled on the teachers' first day at work. Every one of them appeared to be avid to escape the auto a while later — and there were calmed and upbeat to learn it was each of the a trap.

"Try not to be frightened," one of the teachers advises her. "Go quicker," she later says.

Jaw did that — and in a different video, she even spun her auto around a wide hover, to parallel park it between two different autos.

"I stopped inside!" she energetically advised her educator, who appeared to be embracing himself.

By site, she has driven in a few perseverance and rally races notwithstanding represent considerable authority in floating occasions, where drivers speed through a progression of turns by whipping their autos.

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