Latest Scandal BY Paras Shah And His Girlfriend Kannika VIDEO FULL HD


हेर्नुहोस भिडियो

Kannika Chaiyasarn is ex young lady companion of ex-sovereign Paras Shah. Parash Shah was in connection with Kannika when he was in Thailand. At the point when Paras Shah was staying at Thailand, he used to stay with Kannika on living respectively and they were in relationship. After certain time, both had separated after which Kannika on numerous occasions accompanies disputable Facebook status which drags Paras Shah into news. Every one of these occurrences done by Kannika drives consideration of Nepali towards Paras Shah however her conduct illuminate unmistakably that Kannika's announcements are not authentic and also Paras Shah has never talked about Kannika in media. Be that as it may, there emerges few inquiries on the psyche of Nepali that was Paras liable and has done anything amiss with Kannika? Then again Kannika is attempting to bring Paras' picture down for her advantages? What is the reason Kannika over and over accompanies such post for Paras Shah? Watch this elite video report about the relationship of Kannika and Paras Shah right here:

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