Mani Shah Free Kick


हेर्नुहोस भिडियो

Nepal's incredible midfielder Mani Shah has been admitted to Norvic Hospital recent days because of inward contamination in his legs. Mani Shah got little home mischance which brought about swelling of his right leg and he didn't consider it important until the swelling did not control. He hurried to Manmohan doctor's facility later for X-Ray check up and the specialists recommended him to get conceded. Mani Shan then raced to Norvic clinic where he looked up with his general specialist Sudamshu KC who proposed him to stay under perception for 72 hours.He was admitted to doctor's facility in 19 August and his condition recommends his stay will protract as he couldn't remain on his right feet which has swallon and gotten interior solid infection.Nepal's Maradona who was best known for his very late free kick in 1993 SAF Championship last against India was Nepal's famous Football player in 90's.

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