"Milk Tea" New Nepali Hot Short Film


हेर्नुहोस भिडियो

Individuals don't consider future and for the occasional fulfillment they ruin their life. They don't have the foggiest idea about what's circumventing them however they lose all sense of direction in their own reality. In this film too there is same sort of story.

The kid was strolling by and he saw the h*ot and s*xy young lady in transit and after that he gazed at him and that young lady with the eye expression began to tail her and they observed that they live on the same home and they were simply teasing so as to sit back one another and the following day again they met in the same room and begin having sentiment. As they were having sentiment they got so enthusiastic that they had s*x with one another. They both appreciated that minute and following couple of days as they were taking a break together the young lady request that the kid wed her.

She told that she is pregnant and he ought to wed her, as they were talking about he found that the infant doesn't fits in with him even she cautioned him that even that child has a place with other he ought to wed her in any case or else she will grumble the police and different gatherings and ruin his life. The kid got predicament and he consented to wed the young lady.

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