"MODERN WIFE"New Nepali H@t Short Movie


नया दशैँ तिहारका mp3 गीत सुन्नुहोस् साथै डाउनलोड गर्नुहोस्

A wife is a female accomplice in a proceeding with conjugal relationship. A wife might likewise be alluded to as a life partner, which is a sexually impartial term. The term keeps on being connected to a lady who has isolated from her accomplice and stops to be connected to such a lady just when her marriage has reached an end taking after a lawfully perceived separation or the demise of her mate. On the passing of her accomplice, a wife is alluded to as a dowager, however not after she is separated from her accomplice.

The rights and commitments of the wife in connection to her accomplice and her status in the group and in law differs in the middle of societies and has shifted after some time.
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