Nepali Engineering College Girls Bad Habbit of Smoke Hookah


नया दशैँ तिहारका mp3 गीत सुन्नुहोस् साथै डाउनलोड गर्नुहोस्

"Narghile." "Hubble-bubble." "Shisha." All names for what is generally referred to in the United States as "Hookah." A hookah is a sort of water funnel in which clients breathe in enhanced tobacco smoke through a long, hose-such as stem after it goes through a bowl of water. Hookah smoking has been around in the Middle East for more than 400 years; be that as it may it's seen a surge in fame among school age grown-ups in the United States in the course of the last ten years.1

In the event that you don't recognize what hookah is, I promise that you've seen a funnel publicized in a shop window or another "hookah lounge" opening up in the place where you grew up.

I first found out about hookah when my younger sibling called me from school one day: "It's marvelous! They have these little water funnels you smoke with fruity flavors."

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