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हेर्नुहोस भिडियो

Bindu Pariyar was conceived in Hemja town of the Kaski area in Western Nepal into a poor dalit (untouchables) gang. Her both folks were trivial ranchers and didn't have the ability to pay for a conventional training of their kids. After Bindu finished Grade 3 from an elementary school, she was exchanged to a live-in school and every last bit of her instructive costs were borne by Tom Sewell, her close relative's spouse of that time who later turned into her trafficker and a lawful spouse for a couple of years.

When she moved to the United States in 2010, Bindu had finished Nepal's School Leaving Certificate (SLC) exams from Dahulagiri Boarding School and higher optional (10+2) educating from Gyanubaba School.

Sewell went to Nepal in mid 1990s as a traveler and wedded Bindu's auntie. The couple lived respectively for a long time and after that got isolated. Sewell then went ahead to wed Bindu's cousin sister Sita Pariyar who was only 17 years of age at the season of marriage. Sewell constrained Sita to fill in as a stripper in a few night clubs in Dallas, Texas, and undermined to murder her on the off chance that she uncovered the actuality to her relatives back in Nepal.
Sewell at the end of the day went to Nepal and began luring and ensnaring Bindu saying that since his life was not running great with Sita, he needed to wed her and he was infatuated with her. He guaranteed to keep supporting her instruction in the USA as she needed to proceed with her training and wished to wind up an attendant.

After Sewell's few endeavors and nonstop request, Bindu gave in. Bindu was issued a K1 life partner visa by the US government office in Kathmandu and the couple traveled to the United States in October 2010.

Once in the US, Bindu Pariyar was first taken to Idaho and Sewell began demonstrating his actual face inside of a couple of weeks. He convinced her to get hitched with the goal that she could stay in the USA as a US resident and acquire for him.
Despite the fact that records contrast, Bindu's form of the story as uncovered in a meeting to The Gundruk Post show that she was compelled to work in a few night clubs as a stripper, up to 7 days a week. Apparently, she was required to pay as much as US$1000/night out of her profit to Tom Sewell. Else, he would extremely beat her, drive her to drink his pee or even crap all over.
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