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हेर्नुहोस भिडियो

for the workplace of the subdivisional magistrate.They strolled past the purveyors of stamp papers and oaths, typists clickety-clattering on stools, counselors at-law in fluttering outfits, mainstays of wadded records bound in twine.

Most would agree that these two did not have a place. They had the influencing stroll of town ladies — half-duck, half-ballet dancer — who have spent their lives adjusting packs of kindling on their heads. When they entered the workplace of a criminal guard legal advisor, in the sweat-recolored sweeper wardrobe where he gets customers, they were at first so aware of their low status that they attempted to sit on the floor.
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They were drawing in his administrations since they needed to work. They lived 10 miles away, in a little settlement where, for eras, asking had been the primary wellspring of wage. A couple of weeks prior, the male older folks of their rank had announced that town ladies working at adjacent meat-preparing plants ought to leave their occupations. They gave because that ladies at home would be better shielded from the lewd gestures of outside men. A greater issue lay underneath the surface: The ladies' profit had started to undermine the old required

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