"PLAYER WIFE" New Nepali Short Hot Movie


हेर्नुहोस भिडियो

The title of the video is 'Player Wife' and it is a sort of a mindfulness and comic drama video. in the video a young lady is seen sitting with a man in stream bank. they are having a sentimental minute and at the time the young lady's telephone rings. She grabs the telephone and it is her spouse. she says that she is in the lavatory and washing garments so he ought not bother her. The following day she is again sitting with another man and getting extremely sentimental. her telephone rings once more. it is her spouse and she again misleads him that she is cooking sustenance in the house. she is even extremely open that it is her spouse.

Following day too she is seen with another man and acting $e^xu@l with him. Her spouse calls her again and she lies that she is exceptionally occupied as she needs to care for the youngsters and do a considerable measure of work through out the day. The following the three men and another men are sitting at the highest point of the slope. The new man is saying that he is in regards to uncover a mystery about him. In the meantime the young lady comes up and everybody gets befuddled on the off chance that they ought to acquaint her with their companions. One by one they begin to claim that she is their sweetheart. The new gentleman gets exceptionally furious and reprimands every one of them and says that she is his wife. They all get stunned and that is the point at which she says that they are her three sweethearts of her and one of them is her spouse.

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