"Sexy Kichkandi" (Real Story) New Nepali Hot & Sexy Short Movie


हेर्नुहोस भिडियो

A kichkandi or kichkanya is framed when the body is not smoldered totally, typically a little bit of bone that got fortunate. They are female. I don't realize what happens if a male is not legitimately cremated but rather a female turns into a kichkandi, so they say.

Run of the mill portrayal is long dark hair that scopes down to their foot, fair skin, long nails, wearing white sari, up to which is the depiction of any female phantom. At that point how to perceive a kichkanya? Take a gander at their feet and you will see the soles, since it is in reverse. No it is not curved. They are just in reverse. Be that as it may, they can run, I listen. Goodness, they can run. Both forward and in reverse.

They show up as lovely maidens in trouble. At that point number of things happen, it is possible that they lead you to the ghat (place where the dead are blazed) and vanish or some way or another let you get some answers concerning their feet, along the way. The thought is to alarm you. Fun. Else you will be dating this truly delightful young lady who is just free around evening time and dependably wears something long. What's more, you will see you are getting to be more slender and weaker. This is on the grounds that she is sucking your life power.

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