"THIRD WIFE"New Nepali Comedy Hot Short Movie


हेर्नुहोस भिडियो

This is the short motion picture for social mindfulness. This is another video that has been transferred on YouTube which s very like it. The title of the video is third wife. In the video a man is seen sitting on the top of a house listening and singing a tune. The melody is about getting hitched 3 times and having numerous young lady companions. As he sings and listens to the melody he begins to converse with himself about how much the tune is identified with him as he right now got hitched to his third wife.

His wife then again has no clue that he is as of now hitched to other 2 ladies. They met through Facebook and chose to get hitched. Subsequent to getting some answers concerning it she gets exceptionally irate and lets him know that she needs the property as well. The man tries to lie yet the young lady gets furious and goes down stairs. The man tails her and tries to persuade her that he adores her a ton and he will absolutely give her property. Later what he does to persuade her is sh*ocking and h!l@rious.

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