Very Sad Story "Girl get pregnant at the age of 12"


हेर्नुहोस भिडियो

Here in the video we can see a 14 year old young lady whose name is Anju Chepang. The young lady looks pretty and youthful; she is grinning and seems to be cheerful. In any case, inside her, we will get another thing to know. A young lady who has quite recently entered in her high school, numerous things are as yet anticipating to make a path in her life. She needs to face a significant number of the things. This is only a start of her life and she has likewise no clue how huge and merciless is this world. The young lady who is only 14 has an infant of just about 2 year. This was truly stunning to know. She got to be vagrant at an exceptionally youthful age, she didn't have mother and father she even don't recall their face. She was raised up by her uncles and later on she was hitched. At 11 years old, she got to be pregnant.

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