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Thomas Beatie — who rose to popularity as the principal lawful man to end up pregnant — is formally separated following a tumultuous years-long court fight. Beatie had petitioned for separation from his wife, Nancy, in 2012. However, in 2013, lower court Judge Douglas Gerlach declined to allow the separation, deciding that Arizona's prohibition on same-sex relational unions refuted the union."Sadly, I feel that [Gerlach] utilized individual predisposition as opposed to supporting the law," Beatie tells New Times. "He was likewise unwilling to perceive my legitimate sex change to male because of my pregnancies."Last year, the lower court's decision was upset by the Arizona Court of Appeals when the court pronounced that the 2003 marriage was not a same-sex union at the time. It was a basic triumph, before the United States' authorization of same-sex marriage, which permitted Beatie to hold his male and transgender identities."It was an imperative stride for transgender conceptive rights," he says. "It truly is more than being lawfully regarded as a man; it is approving my way of life as my kids' dad.
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" If the decision had come after same-sex marriage was sanctioned, it's conceivable the case would have gone uncontested as both hetero and same-sex relational unions are currently substantial.

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