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हेर्नुहोस भिडियो

The camera is the photo molding device, and a photographic plate, photographic film or a silicon electronic picture sensor is the catch medium. The different recording medium can be the plate or film itself, or a progressed alluring or electronic memory

Picture takers control the camera and lens to "reveal" the light-recording material to the required measure of light to outline a "torpid picture" (on plate or film) or RAW report (in modernized cameras) which, after legitimate taking care of, is changed over to a usable picture. Propelled cameras use an electronic picture sensor in perspective of light-unstable devices, for instance, charge-coupled device (CCD) or correlative metal-oxide-semiconductor (CMOS) advancement. The consequent automated picture is secured electronically, yet can be recreated on a paper.

The camera (or 'camera obscura') is a dull room or chamber from which, past what numerous would consider conceivable, all light is rejected except for the light that structures the photo. The subject being caught, regardless, ought to be lit up. Cameras can go from little to broad, a whole room that is kept dull while the article to be shot is in another room where it is authentically lit up. This was general for proliferation photography of level copy when considerable film negatives were used

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