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हेर्नुहोस भिडियो

Archana Paneru is prevalent in Nepal because of her dubious aspiration of being a P**N Star in Nepal. Infrequently because of her photography and recordings she has been prominent in Social Media. Her late meetings has been condemned by numerous online viewers. Presently Archana will be playing in a New up and coming Nepali motion picture "JISM" under the bearing of Raju Giri.Raju Giri who has coordinated motion pictures like BIndas 3 is likewise prominent in making a sentiment film. "Jism " is likewise the name of Bollywood motion picture including Sunny Leeone. Archana who needed to end up like Sunny will be appearing from this Nepali named motion picture "Jism".Archana Paneru who is otherwise called Nepali Sunny Leeone, Archana Paneru 17 years whose genuine name is Kalpana Paneru from Mahendra Nagar, Little Buddha School; she is in understudy of Grade 10. She posted her photograph in the facebook, and her meeting came in youtube. She needs to be similar to sunny leeone and her dad and mom is advancing her outcome Nepal Police captured both of Mother and little girl. Love story of Archana Paneru. Archana has uncovered that her adoration with the child of prominent on-screen character of Nepali motion pictures, Puskar Bhatta – Mahesh Bhatta has finished.

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