Bhadragol Nepali Teti Serial Is Back


हेर्नुहोस भिडियो

Bhadragol Translation: Unmanaged) is a Nepali sitcom that pretense each Friday on NTV.It is a standout amongst the most seen TV programs in Nepal. Kumar Katel and Arjun Ghimire are the journalists and a film executive, Shankar Acharya, coordinates the appear. The story depends on town life.The show stars Arjun Ghimire, Kumar Katel, Shankar Acharya, C.P. Pudasaini, Manisha Thapa and Hari Niraula.The show rotates round the day by day happenings of a town in Nepal.

Jigri is a youthful law breaker who, alongside his companions , carries out insignificant violations and for the most part invests energy in Solmari(local name for bar) by drinking dabaka( nearby name for liquor). Pandey is likewise the fundamental character. He is the most clever man in whole town who is master in tricking and duping villagers with his amusing thoughts.
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