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हेर्नुहोस भिडियो

Jire Khursani fundamentally depicts social issues endured by regular individuals with a comic punch. The show likewise highlights issues of polygamy where two wives of Shivahari Paudel live under the same rooftop with their kids.

Jeetu Nepal plays Mundre' (Mr. Ear-ring wearer) who says it with much pride that he is the first in his whole family to have passed SLC. He wears a fleece top throughout the entire year and utilizations a great deal of adornments. The part of his dad Asina Prasad (Mr. Hailstones) is played by Shivahari Paudel, who has a propensity for saying "Mukhama Hannu Jasto" constantly. He has two wives out of which the last one is the mother of Mundre. The other one is Chothale, whose child is Bhoke. Bhoke is a quintessential eater and hungry constantly. He eats all the time and when not bolstered breaks into an attack of wails quickly.

Mom (maternal uncle) is played by Kiran K.C. who has a propensity for saying "Eh Rata Makai" and was hitched to a rich Sherpa young lady who just uses him as an object of yearning. Baffled, the show takes insane curves and rotates around an anxious and loud family. Rajaram Poudel has additionally exceptional part as Thulo Bau (fatherly uncle) of Mundre.

Asina Prasad has been appeared as the fundamental character. He makes the show intriguing with his abnormal state of mind. He has numerous wrecks with law and other individuals and this show spins in a plot of drama by crookery.

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