Daughter’s Curiosity New Nepali Short Movie


हेर्नुहोस भिडियो

Little girl may solicit any sort from inquiries to her mom. Little girl and mother are more like companions that you can find in this film too. Little girl and mother are strolling out and about they were wanting to invest their energy with each other that day.

They small simply strolling talking and arranging numerous things that day. They even wanted to go for a film and the mother too reprimanded her that her companions are ruining her and with such talks they both feel for pee. They chose to go for a pee some place and they both went and they did in some spot and after that they went to eatery for a few nourishments and tea. They were staying there requested tea and as they were having tea little girl got something at the forefront of her thoughts, she was so inquisitive and was exasperates by her inquiries at the forefront of her thoughts.

At that point after some time she asked her mom that she has few inquiries and interest at the forefront of her thoughts and she need to advise her yet she is bashful and the mother request that her advise her and as she posed the questions, the inquiry was the sound of the pee and she got the amusing answers that you can listen or see on this video.
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