Dudhawali Nepali Short movie


हेर्नुहोस भिडियो

Longing for conveying milk in the bosom, be it a man or a lady, shows the production of his or her savings.Dreaming of milk spilling out of the bosom by a man demonstrates flourishing, lavishness and new open doors that would end up being productive in nature. Longing for lady's milk demonstrates showing signs of improvement from a disease.If bosom nourishing an infant, another lady or a man, is imagined by a lady, it demonstrates that the wellspring of salary of both the people, the bosom sustaining one and the person who is taking it, will be destructed. Longing for employing a wet medical attendant to bosom nourish the youngster demonstrates bringing up a kid like his dad or even to have the elements of one's dad.
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