Felling Nepali Short Movie


हेर्नुहोस भिडियो

Madhu Bogati Presnet's

New Nepali short Movie "Feeling"

Entertainers : Laxmi Chalise, Gopal Khadka, Dev Sundahal

Camera : Nawaraj Khadka

Beautifying agents : Rajeev Dhamala

Story : Madhu Bogati

Asst. Boss : Gopal Khadka

Boss : Bishownath Tamang Yonjan

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This movies title is feeling. This movie shooted in a remote town. Where a kin, sister and a specialist living brightly. The laborer can't talk. He is energetic and decent looking as well. The young woman treasures her employee. She takes him when she goes to shower. She ask for that her marry her. Firstly he denies yet later on he said yes. Watch full film posted beforehand.

This film it tries to tell us that who can't talk they similarly have feelings.

The way a man feels inside is basic. It can be genuinely hard not to tell anyone that you're feeling hopeless, pushed, or unsettle. By then, it's fair you and these horrendous feelings. In case you keep feelings darted inside, it can even make you get a handle on wiped!

Regardless, if you visit with some person who takes care of you, like your mom or dad, you will regularly start to feel better. Right away you're not in isolation with your issues or burdens. It doesn't mean your issues and hassles magically vanish, however at any rate someone else perceives what's bothering you and can offer you some help with discovering courses of action.

Your mom and dad need to know whether you have issues since they love you and they have to grasp what's happening in your life. In any case, envision a situation where a tyke wouldn't prefer to visit with mother or father. By then find another trusted adult, like a relative or an aide at school. Conceivably this individual can offer you some help with chatting with your mom and dad about your issue or concern.

A couple of youngsters — essentially like a couple adults — are more private than others. That infers a couple of people will feel more humble about sharing their feelings. A youngster doesn't have to share every slant he or she has, nonetheless it is vital to share notions when a kid needs help. You don't have to deal with every issue isolated. Here and there you require help. Besides, the remote possibility that you do, examining your assumptions can be the underlying move toward getting it.
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