Kathmandu-Hetauda Fast Track – Follow Up


हेर्नुहोस भिडियो

It has been five months since potential bidders surrendered the Kathmandu-Tarai Fast Track Road venture, however the administration has not possessed the capacity to conclude its advancement and monetary methodology. The case is comparable with another proposed express roadway—the Kathmandu-Hetauda Tunnel Highway—which is attempting to draw in speculation.

With worldwide bidders shying ceaselessly, the administration is currently wanting to construct the Fast Track venture all alone. In any case, it will be a two-path street rather than the initially arranged four-path. With assets difficult to come, Nepal Purbhadhar Bikas Com-pany Limited (NPBCL), engineer of the passage interstate, as of late scrapped the roof of Rs 1 million, permitting institutional financial specialists to put in the sum they wish.

The Fast Track is evaluated to cost Rs 100 billion, while Tunnel Highway requires an expected Rs 35 billion.

The arrangement to connect Tarai with the Kathmandu valley is not new. Birendra Bahadur Deuja, previous secretary, says he had in 1991 pushed for a study to add to a high-class street associating the Capital with Tarai by means of Hetauda. "Indeed, even following two decades, we are as yet attempting to get what we need," says Deuja, who served as Director General at the Department of Roads (DoR) in 1991.

It's 2014 now, and the legislature is still undecided about the advancement and financing system for the Fast Track. "The issue is the legislature is not demonstrating any reality to remove the venture," includes Deuja. "The pioneers and officials should be not kidding about these sorts of undertakings which can acquire critical improvement the nation."

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