KHULLA DHARO 2 - New Nepali Short Movie - 2016 Coolen TV


हेर्नुहोस भिडियो

This short film is about open showering in Nepal. Open Bathing Areas in Nepal Common for men and women. In this film we can see an a young woman showering in an open tap arranged by a road. She is to a great degree risky and anyone going from side road can see her.

In Nepal, there is still an example not to having washroom inside house. It is arranged at the porch of the house with dividers upto neck level and with no housetop. However in metropolitan urban groups like Kathmandu, Pokhara this example is a little bit at a time vanishing out, yet in the meantime in more prepared domains of these urban groups and diverse urban zones or towns you can find such restroom.

Nepali are unending to shower at any water source like conduit, channel, lake, gorge, water stream thus on as Nepal has countless water sources all around in Nepal. In Kathmandu there are a couple open washing zones.

Open Bathing Areas Common for Men and Women

These are open and men and women shower together there without looking each other. These showering regions are close to road and can be found adequately in Kathmandu. You can see men and women gathered in such street side`s outside washing zones to have a shower.

There are the same washing zones for men and women and men and women shower together and without looking each other. Men and women use different taps and keep a partition from each other. Generally they are not uncovered. Men are in shorts and women are wrapping in order to cover their body a fabric to cover lower a segment of mid-segment extent to their knees. A couple of women go for topless if they are wearing underskirt and still no men look them. This looks better than average.

Women shower accurately as it`s hard to clean all parts of the body as this will achieve tactless presentation in the full burst of the consideration. Women are generally in social affairs of 2 or progressively and help each other to clean themselves definitely. The whole washing methodology is under the fabric that they have wrapped on their bodies. It might assume control one hour to finish that.Hardly you will find any women showering in isolation.

The water in such washing zones comes underground as is cool in summer and warm in winter. There is also a religious trust that there is an association between the pools and wellsprings in Katmandu valley with sublime lake 'Gosainkund', that is seen as holy among Hindus.

The washing zones are made of red pieces, decorated with stone cutting by figures of snake, lion thus on and water taps are colossal and formed like beast's mouth. A vast bit of these showering reaches are 2 to 5 meters underneath the earth surface. , with half meter dividers around. Waste system is really expanding in quality. These old taps stream the water reliably and couldn't be closed. The water is reliably great.

These out of date showering extents were by and large intrinsic 13-16 century`s Malla Dynasty, which have high true and awesome worth.

So when in Nepal remember to examine such washing zones. On Saturdays there is swarm of women and men as in Nepal Saturday is week by week off day and not Sunday. Admission thee well not to look women and in case you have to take photographs don't take particularly.

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