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Father Bhojraj asked 'How to give support on positive or the neg^ative sort of work?' Kathmandu, Asoj-30. Today's principle concentrate on each social locales such as Tweeter. Facebook, Youtube and so forth is the Nepali young lady from Mahendranagar, studies in tenth standard who has the fantasy of making herself a p0*rn-star and her mom likewise having the same point making her girl a p0*rn-star and her dad as of late in tension. Who is this young lady from Kanchanpur region, Archana Paneru from Mahendranagar? How could she have been able to she had a fantasy of turning into a p0*rn-star? Why a mother had the point of making her little girl a p0*rn-star? In light of this greatest social issue we met the entire Paneru group of Archana Paneru who is titled as the Nepal's p0*rn-star, about this entire thing and attempted to discover what is the truth behind this fantasy and this point.

Since this thing is the greatest social issue at this moment so the entire Paneru family is at this moment separated by the general public and Archana likewise has been rest!c"t^ed from her school. They had been caught by the police and set discharged with the understanding of not spreading this sorts of forbidden but rather still Archana has been found on the same thing and circumstance on her Facebook and her Tweeter. Grown-ups locales has likewise been made on her name and to enter those destinations a man needs to pass the three stages. In that blog there are numerous photos of nonnatives having $*x or being n*d^e and it additionally has the $*x sc@nd@l video of Namrata Shrestha. She didn't had any desire to speak anything about this online journal.

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