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हेर्नुहोस भिडियो

ccording to the study, 80% of instances of death created by heart assault, the persons were distant from everyone else at the season of the heart assaults and were not able help themselves.

How to see in the event that you are showing at least a bit of kindness assault?

You are showing some kindness assault on the off chance that you feel sharp agony in the mid-section that spreads on your arm and jaw.

As per specialists, you have 15 seconds to offer yourselves before you some assistance with losing cognizance.

Some of the time manifestations start gradually and keep going for a more extended timeframe, which implies you have room schedule-wise to get to the closest clinic or call for help. In any case, don't go out on a limb, however direct the accompanying technique.


Hack always and emphatically. Take a full breath before every hacking. The hacking must be profound and delayed.

Take full breaths and hack overwhelming on like clockwork, until help arrives or your heart begins working frequently.

Profound breathing brings oxygen the lungs and body developments amid hacking presses the heart and keep up blood flow. Squeezing and weight on the heart restores typical musicality.

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