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हेर्नुहोस भिडियो

Here is another nepali short film distributed on youtube by Coolen Tv. In This video they are demonstrating a man which was coming back from remote nation following seven years. He cleared out his wife one month after his marriage. She is energetically sitting tight for him. She scrub down, does some cosmetics and sit tight for him. When he came to at his home he appears as though he was uncomfortable. His wife is exceptionally glad. He kiss him all over the place. After that he tell that he was contaminated by HIV.

Vagrants traveling to another country are defenseless against various sorts of misuse in the midst of the enlistment process, in travel and destination countries. There are three principal sorts of misuse of vagrants: swindling of costs by experts; misshaping reports (e.g. work contracts and travel reports); and trafficking. Diverse issues vagrant experts a significant part of the time face are seizure of their travel records by neighborhood associations and long working hours in horrendous conditions. About segment of returned vagrants report that, once in the host country, they didn't have contract letters of occupation; and 22% report they didn't have official work licenses; and around 37% report they didn't get the pay ensured. Most Nepali workers who travel to another country are unmindful and uncouth, which makes them all the more helpless.

While development has offered new roads and pay open entryways for vagrants, there is a critical number of trafficking cases, especially of women, in association with migration to India and Gulf countries. Reports demonstrate that 10,000–15,000 persons (generally women and adolescents) are trafficked every year for business sex and obliged labourMany of these young women get themselves debased with HIV.Seasonal work development to India has also created as a principle thought driving the confined HIV scourge in Nepal.

Development in like manner impacts the people who stay at home. As a gigantic rate of youth leave the country for work, the elderly, women and adolescents are left in a socially and financially precarious environment. The interference of family associations impacts women disproportionately.

As demonstrated by the Foreign Employment Regulations 2008, pre-departure prologue to support better taught decision making is required and free for abroad homeless people. There are ensured houses and work attachés for Nepali transient workers in four destination countries. The National Plan of Action to Combat Trafficking of Women and Children is at present under review. The Foreign Employment Tribunal and Foreign Employment Promotion Board were developed to control the welfare and protection of drifters and to offer access to value. Diverse exercises consolidate a compensation pack for vagrant workers returning to Nepal as an outcome of the overall fiscal crisis, the establishment of Migrant Resource Centers in Kathmandu and distinctive district to give exact information to drifters. The Council for Technical Education and Vocational Training is giving aptitudes testing and accreditation.
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