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हेर्नुहोस भिडियो

Fagu Poornima or the festival of shades is being adulated with much presentation in uneven domains, including the capital city, on Tyesday, while Wednesday in Terai range.

The Fagu Poornima party begins with a Holika dahan or making a burst praising the end of Holika on the eve of Holi, the picture of triumph of good over mischief. The next day, people acknowledge spreading each other with different tints including abir or red vermilion powder.

Among various social festivals celebrated in Nepal, the Fagu Poornima passes on its own strong point and criticalness. People from old to energetic age value the festival with vitality.

One of the extensively watched festivities of the country, Fagu Poornima begins on the eighth day of the new moon and completes with bursting of the 'Chir', which was presented former, on the full moon day later today.

According to a Hindu myth, malicious soul ruler Hiranyakashyapu who was hopeless with his youngster Prahlad for his wholehearted devotion to the God Bishnu asked for his sister Holika to kill Prahalad. Tailing her kin's rule Holika who had an assistance from the god that fire would not hurt her sat on a fire by taking Prahlad on her lap, yet was seethed to death while Prahalad stayed unhurt in light of the endowment of God Bishnu.

Starting there onwards, the festival generally called Holi is complimented by spreading shading with fulfillment. There is in like manner an expression that Lord Bishnu had told Holika that the guide she had gotten would be mindless if it was mishandled.

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