New Nepali Short Movie- Badhyata - A Girls Story


हेर्नुहोस भिडियो

This film is about a young lady. How the young lady constrained for physical relationship. They are constrained at times for cash and here and there by cash. At some point the are offers like a toy and at some point they treated like a mother and goddess. In this motion picture a young lady need to pay some cash to a man. She has no cash to pay him. One of his companion expected to help her however regardless of the cash she need to pay her body. She need to offer her body to pay the cash. Watch the full motion picture posted beneath.

Today we are at the cutoff of the 21st century. The progress of new advancement has brought an awesome change into the lives of people, yet the sexual abuse of women and children has not reduced in various parts of the world. Young women are putting forth like animals and treated like cows. Physical and mental torment and strike among minors has extended all through the world.

Trafficking of women and children is an encroachment of human rights. It is a socially shocking and authentically at fault wrongdoing and furthermore an enormous sin against mankind. The trading of human substance is industriously growing all through the world, free of whether the country is rich or poor, made or undeveloped. For the purpose of sorted out trade and globalization, distinctive genuine systems have also been grasped to energize this wrongdoing, which is taken diverse structures.

Trafficking of young women/women suggests the enlistment, transportation, purchase, bargain, trade, harboring or receipt of young women/women by danger or use of violence, grabbing, power, coercion, duplicity or intimidation (tallying the abuse of force), or commitment oppression, with the final objective of setting or holding such individual, whether for pay or not, in compelled work or subjugation like practices, in a gathering other than the one in which such individual possessed the season of the principal exhibition depicted (Coomaraswamy, 2000)

Nepal has a long history of trade human substance. It is especially women and youths who are powerless against this wrongdoing. Trafficking and abuse of women is found to have been eventually since ages, for the purpose of religion and society. The way that private and the widespread pimps have participated with respected personalities in the country using diverse ways to deal with mercilessly development and try women and adolescents for various purposes, have in like manner come to spotlight.

Starting with family, from administrative issues, to varies other conclusive levels; women are managed as peons in various (Social, legitimate, budgetary, political and social) setting. These reasons together with exploitation women have been the purpose behind ordinariness of the forlorn rate of women getting the chance to be losses of trafficking, mercilessness and bad form. Along these lines, It is critical to get change the one-sided laws and moreover changes in the perspectives and behavior of people towards women and children, especially towards the survivors of such harshness and wrongdoing, to secure them against such wrongdoing. In fact, even after the change of the general presentation of human rights, human trafficking, the most savage sort of human rights encroachment, is thriving globally. Late report reveal that human trafficking is extending quickly in light of enthusiasm for poor and exploitative work, prostitution and for various sorts of subjection, for example, rehearses. The greater part of this entire example has tenaciously deluded and disempowered women, young woman and child adolescents by abusing their weakness and condition of social shirking. (searching for freedom, save the children, Norway).

Young women's trafficking is one of the main problems of Nepal. Trafficking backpedals to the time when the Rana chose young women to the palace to serve as mistresses and house guardians (Human Rights Watch\Asia, 1995). Whiles distinctive sources date the present effect of Nepali women and young women into Bombay whorehouses to 1977(O'Dea, 1993). A large number of women and young women have been sold to the back rub parlors of India. While there are no strong data on the significance of the trafficking issue in Nepal, the most for the most part refered to sources surveyed that 5,000 – 7,000 women and young women are trafficked from Nepal to India and other neighboring countries reliably, basically for prostitution. According to administration of women and social welfare, 26 district of Nepal are recognized as the slanted regions. These young women are taken to what is known as the 'red light' zones of genuine indian urban groups, for instance, Delhi, Lucknow, Bombay, Calcatta and Benaras and notwithstanding distinctive parts of the universes in draw of plenteous work, torment free wage and a pleasing life.

An expansive bit of the young women are flabbergasted by pimps, abducting or the middle persons promising them an awesome occupation in a urban area. Some can be misled and sold by their trusted and close relatives, even people and life partners. There are a high number of stepmothers and stepfathers that offer the young women. There are various reports where youthful kindred cases to treasure and marry the young women just to offer them to the places with a history of shameful behavior. Really, such master companions are to a great degree customary in this trade. The tenants of the high trafficking zone earnestly assume that adjacent government authorities and associations shield this business and point of interest from it. A year back 124 minor young women working as prostitutes in Bombay were repatriated to Nepal. Among them four young women who were sold by their own companion, one of them was sold for US $1,000. Her life partner had urged her to go to India for therapeutic treatment and them sold her in Bombay. After she spared to Nepal she recorded a case and had him detained. (ABC Nepal)

Social, judicious, political, religious and social conditions close by globalization process have contributed in a general sense to the methodology of trafficking of women and young women in Nepal. This issue is associated not simply to one ethnic get-together of the overall population also it is a stress of the whole society and nation. So distinctive regulatory affiliations (GOs), non authoritative affiliations (NGOs), and overall non managerial affiliation (INGOs) working in nepal have been endeavoring to examine the status of women and young women trafficking to workout profitable approachs for dealing with this issue. Notwithstanding upheld attempts, the intercessions by concerned Gos and NGOs are lacking to direct the issue of trafficking. Moreover, existing investigation with respect to trafficking of women and young women and their abuse have been seen as lacking. Like a nearby of this country, this social issue strikes my mind. So this study was directed to examine the causes and result of young women trafficking in Nepal.

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