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The one horned rhino transported from Chitwan National Park (CNP) has been discharged at Chepang in Babai valley, Bardiya National Park (BNP).
The 12-year old male rhino was liberated from the wooden confine in vicinity of Forest Minister Agni Prasad Sapkota at 11am on Wednesday.
Local people of the territory are amped up for the exchange of the rhinos. Local people said that they were resolved to keep the rhinos safe.
Four more rhinos will be moved to BNP from CNP on March 4. According to a choice of the Ministry of Forest and Soil Conservation taken a year ago, the powers are wanting to move 30 one-horned rhinos from the CNP to the BNP in next three years. As a component of the arrangement, five rhinos—two male and three female—are set to be taken to the BNP on Tuesday.

Boss Conservation Officer of Chitwan National Park, Ramchandra Kandel, had prior said that the rhinos to be taken from lower belt of Sukhibhar in Kasara zone would be discharged in Babai valley in Bardiya. The aggregate expense for the exchange of the rhinos is evaluated Rs 8.3 million. He added that arranges are in the air to migrate by and large 25 rhinos inside of three years.

Preservationists associated to different associations, who are challenging against the arrangement to move rhinos from CNP to BNP, presented a notice to Chitwan Chief District Officer Binod Prakash Singh on Monday, asking him to stop the whole process.
The challenging traditionalists contended that the BNP is "not a sheltered spot" for rhino protection. They guaranteed that 83 rhinos have been moved to Bardiya from Chitwan at various times subsequent to 1985, yet a year ago's enumeration demonstrated that there were just 29 pachyderms in the BNP.

"Bardiya is not a sheltered spot for rhinos. The rhino populace has not gone up in Bardiya, while Chitwan has seen huge ascent in number of pachyderms," said Basu Bidari, previous director of Nature Guide Association.
In the interim, the Bardiya National Park power has reacted to the protectionists who have raised hullabaloo over the administration's choice to migrate 30 one-horned rhinos from the Chitwan National Park to the BNP.
BNP authorities on Tuesday said the case that BNP is "dangerous" for rhinos was untrue on the grounds that there has not been a solitary rhino poaching occurrence since 2007.
Passing by the numbers, 54 rhinos are unaccounted for, and the BNP has not addressed what number of them were slaughtered or kicked the bucket of regular causes.

Around the turn of the twentieth century, the quantity of more noteworthy one-horned rhinos had been decreased to just a couple of hundred creatures because of living space misfortune and poaching, however wild populaces are presently better ensured and being figured out how to repopulate regions in which the species had beforehand been killed.

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