Pattaya Thailand Night Girls


हेर्नुहोस भिडियो

two visitors were burglarized by motorbike early this week. It happened on a bustling road late around evening time while individuals were getting a charge out of the nightlife.The occurrence happened at 1:00am early Tuesday morning. The visitors, from China, were on the second day of their vacation. They were strolling along Nova Suite Hotel, situated in Central Pattaya.Two young fellows drove by on a motorbike and snatched a gold jewelry from the neck of Mr. Tune. The looters immediately fled the scene with his ownership. The 31-year old Chinese man told police the article is esteemed at 60,000 baht.The guilty parties gave off an impression of being between the age of eighteen and 25. Police are as yet looking for the suspected looters. Lodging staff is checking on CCTV for any pieces of information to the hoodlums' whereabouts.

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