Short Movie Uttauli Kt for social awareness


हेर्नुहोस भिडियो

Uttaulai Keti is a short Nepali motion picture. This motion picture depicting around a young lady who is revolting young lady. A kid goes to a lodging and book a room. He goes to his room. Subsequent to resting at some point he ask for a container of lager and some nibble. A young lady server accompanied the request. She is vulgar to the point that he dither to see her. Be that as it may, later on he turned out to be near her and she appreciate the lager and nibble with physical connection. Observe full film posted by clicking join underneath.
This motion picture tries to demonstrates that the a portion of the young lady around the local area are profane on the grounds that they should be so to carry on with an upbeat life and some are revolting in light of the fact that getting to be foul is their obsession. The young lady appeared in this motion picture is seem as though she need to be foul.

Nepal is exceptionally poor nation. Numerous young ladies from town comes to work in lodgings in Kathmandu. Kathmandu is a capital city of life. The greater part of them are gotten by their relatives and left them in Kathmandu alone. After that they need to do whatever the inn proprietor said them to do.

NEPAL. The word inspires a picture of a far away place of miracle. A definitive travel destination: trekking through the mountains and farmland, fascinating areas, climbing through the mountain kingdom settled in the Himalayas. Yet underneath the marvel and great scene lives one of the poorest nations on the planet, overflowing with human rights infringement, particularly towards ladies and youngsters. Consistently roughly 10,000 young ladies from the ages of 9 to 16 are sold, stolen or constrained into the whorehouses of Bombay or Kathmandu. During an era when mechanical development could avert human rights infringement through training and mindfulness, the Internet has turned into an apparatus to discover the areas where young ladies are accessible for prostitution, propagating the requirement for young ladies to work in the sex stimulation exchange.

Nepal is a little mountain kingdom in the Himalayas on the fringe of India. It is one of the poorest nations in Asia. About the greater part of the general population live in little towns around the Kathmandu valley, attempting to get by on subsistence cultivating. Ladies are seen as peasants, raised to comply with their fathers, siblings and spouses. They have additionally turned into an important thing to the poorer areas, and a simple focus for pimps and procurers from Bombay houses of ill-repute. In late decades, monetary and social elements have powered the blast in prostitution and trafficking of ladies.

The number of inhabitants in Nepal is multiplying at regular intervals (23,107,464-July 1997 est.), prompting intense area deficiency which is lamentable to a nation in which agribusiness for the occupation of more than 80 percent of the populace and 40% of the GDP. Unemployment (46% in 1995-depicted as NA%-generous underemployment in 1996), destitution (per capita yearly pay (1997) is $200) and absence of education (73 percent in general; 86 percent female) have consolidated to create a tremendous weight to either offer the young lady kids or get to be whore

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