हेर्नुहोस भिडियो

The film has about couple of bona fide clever lines while the rest are constrained. At that point there are two sentimental numbers Timi Saamu and Ma Ke Bhanu shot in delightful spots and a shaking foundation score, which will keep you entertained in this extensive and unsurprising film.

The film begins weakly and afterward, goes unto recount an indifferent affection story of two youthful lovers.From the starting where Avi showcases his gallantry, to the overwhelming adoration story and colorful background, the film shouts Bhuwan KC all over the place, from multiple points of view. He has made a film, wonderful to take a gander at, with lovely performers, sumptuous way of life and delightful areas. Be that as it may, he has fizzled as an executive.
 He has made a film that needs soul. The execution of the shallow script is rough. The portrayal doesn't have a smooth stream. Senior KC has not mixed enthusiasm in the film rather he has supplanted it with emotional courage, nonsensical glory life of characters and mushy dialogs.

The film displays an awful script where you can't associate with the characters. What's more, on-screen characters add to the misery. Anmol and Shah miss the mark in their acting. From their dialog conveyance to acting, they are not common, particularly in genuine scenes. Anmol is charming and that is it! Then again, Shah's acting is adequate when she is herself in easygoing self-control, however when feelings kicks in she is odd.

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