Didi Bhai Ko Raslila


हेर्नुहोस भिडियो

Tired of the pitiless abuse they continue from their insidious stepmother, who is likewise a witch, a sibling and sister flee from home one day. They stray into the wide open and spend the night in the forested areas. By morning the kid is parched, thus the kids go searching for a spring of clear water. Be that as it may, their stepmother has effectively found their departure, and has beguiled every one of the springs in the woodland. The kid is going to drink from one, when his sister hears how its hurrying sound says "Whoever drinks from me will end up being a tiger".

Urgently, the young lady implores her sibling not to drink from the spring, for fear that he change into a tiger and shred her. So they proceed on their way, yet when they go to the second spring the young lady hears it say, "Whoever drinks from me will end up being a wolf". Once more, she urgently tries to keep her sibling from drinking from it. Reluctantly, he inevitably consents to her requests yet demands he drink from the following spring they experience. Thus they touch base at the third spring, and the young lady catches the hurrying water cry, "Whoever drinks from me will end up being a deer". Be that as it may, it is past the point of no return, since her sibling has officially smashed from it, and changes into a deer.

Model "Sibling and Sister", made in 1970 by Katharina Szelinski-Singer

As the underlying sentiment despair clears up, the youngsters choose to stay and live in the forested areas until the end of time. The young lady would deal with her sibling, and ties her gold chain around his neck. They go to live in a little house profound inside of the forested areas and live there joyfully for a few years, until they are bothered one day by a chasing party and the ruler himself who has taken after the peculiar deer home. After seeing the excellent young lady, he instantly requests that her wed him and she acknowledges. In this manner she got to be ruler and they all live cheerfully in the lord's château. Time passes and the ruler brings forth a child.

Their stepmother, in any case, soon finds that they are still alive, and plots against them. One night, she executes the ruler and replaces her with her own deformed little girl, whom she has changed to take after her. At the point when the ruler's phantom subtly visits her child's bedside for three back to back evenings, the lord gets on and her stepmother's abhorrent arrangement is uncovered.

The ruler returns to life and her stepfamily are striven for their wrongdoings. The little girl is exiled into the forested areas, where she is destroyed by wild creatures and her mom is blazed at the stake. At the accurate snippet of her passing the kid gets to be human once more, and finally the family is brought together. They all live joyfully a great many.

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