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My head is as yet humming from the ride on the KTM RC 200 and not on the grounds that the KTMs are a bundle of fun bikes, yet more on that later. The RC 200 components the same motor as the 200 Duke without any progressions to any of the mechanicals. Like the 390s, it too includes the same qualities that recognize the RC from the Duke, specifically a taller, all the more steeply raked back sub outline and a more extreme directing edge notwithstanding the full fairing and level bars. The all-dark full fairing additionally makes it look more threatening than the high contrast RC 390.

With the casing and fairing adding eight kilos to the bundle however giving it better optimal design, the execution has changed yet not by much. Off the line to 60kmph the Duke leads by a decent 0.26 of a second, yet the RC recovers some ground once the air advantage kicks in, intersection the 100kmph imprint in 9.89 seconds, only 0.03 of a second off the Duke and only 0.66 of a second slower than the torquey CBR250R. Efficiency too is a fundamentally the same – 29.85kmpl in the consolidated city and roadway cycle.

With so few changes you could be overlooked for feeling that the story closes here however it's the flawless tractability of the fast revving 200cc motor that makes the RC 200 an insane measure of fun. The minute you set off, that revving nature makes you simply need to wring all of execution out of the motor and the considerably sweeter taking care of body. The riding position is agreeable and submitted which promote eggs you on and this mix soon had me, very strangely, I should include, cutting up streets like a flat out lunatic. Through corners as well regardless of lesser force than the RC 390, the more keen directing and magnificent suspension mean you can truly push the bicycle as far as possible and this is what's left my head as yet turning two days after the fact.

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