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The Family Planning Association of Nepal (FPAN) built up in 1959 transformed into an accomplice individual from the Planned Parenthood Federation (IPPF) in 1960 and certain part in 1969. Going before the establishment of the Association the thought of family organizing was new and considered as a thing that clashed with religion, tradition and winning social values in Nepal. FPAN, in consonance with the social structure, focused on information and guideline as a strategy for supporting a little family as a standard among the provincial masses. . It was after FPAN started supplementing and supplementing the national program.

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The family masterminding advantages in 1960s were compelled to scattering of condoms, pills and insertion of circles. All activities were realized by volunteers in light of the fact that there were no staff people to help their work. The Association relied on upon social events and print media to instruct the all inclusive community in the midst of the time. Since the primary electronic media accomplishing the general populace was radio, FPAN began a week by week radio program on family orchestrating in 1968.

FPAN started more target-masterminded and focused tasks in the 1970s. A Family Planning Welfare Project was realized in ten wards of Kathmandu valley in 1972, which started giving cleansing advantages on request and help of USAID. Since these endeavors required fulltime workers, staff and volunteers were chosen to give the organizations. FPAN started conveyed family masterminding magazine and other IEC materials for the target masses in the 1970s. Correspondingly, FPAN ventures were reached out from three districts in the 1960s to 15 locales in the 1970s and 32 ranges in 2004.

The program focal point of FPAN has been changing orderly to adjust its program push and activities with contemporary enthusiasm for FP advantages by the all inclusive community. In the 1960s and 1970s, it got an organized approach of amalgamating gathering headway and family orchestrating programs. Therefore, a highlight was given to spreading FP messages and passing on organizations to the dejected people in the 1990s in consistence with the alterations in direct and perspectives of the overall public. In this attempt, it has been giving more unmistakable complement to organization transport subsequent to 1992 to deal with the unmet interest for family masterminding and regenerative wellbeing advantages. Bunch headway ventures were decreased liberally and new activities, including STI/HIV/AIDS, prompting and advantages, sexual and conceptive wellbeing preparing and organizations to juvenile and youngsters, maternity advantages and strong backing on safe untimely birth were incorporated the 1990s.

FPAN contributes 25-30 percent to the national family organizing ventures and its program activities are consistently developing meeting the unmet needs of family orchestrating, including STI/HIV/AIDS balancing activity, control and organization

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