हेर्नुहोस भिडियो

Google kid Aditya Dahal can not talk and gives his answer by composing on paper. At first, he stunned his guardians by composing the names of the considerable number of nations on the planet and the name of their leaders. He now recalls the name and control of everybody he meets , significance of each words asked to him and even the importance of the words from various dialect. He had guage that Dip Kumar Upadhyaya would be the minister of Nepal for India. Aditya did not have a characteristic development as a child. He was becoming ordinarily till he was three years of age however an uncommon therapeutic conditions deadened him. His guardians took him toNeuro Hospital in Kathmandu for treatment however nothing was analyzed. Over the span of his disorder Aditya began building up this phenomenal memory power. He is as of now being dealt with in USA according to his solicitation. He additionally has guage he can completely recoup if treated in a specific healing center he has said.

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