Latest Interview Pratyusha Banerjee aka ‘Anandi’ of Balika Vadhu


हेर्नुहोस भिडियो

Pratyusha Banerjee imparted a nearby cling to everybody on the arrangements of Balika Vadhu be it performer or script authors. A couple of individuals from Team Balika Vadhu shared their cherishing recollections of the late on-screen character with Indian

I knew her due to Balika Vadhu. We truly valued her. She was a to a great degree brilliant and gifted young lady who was likewise a speedy learner. At first, it's her adorableness calculate that inspired however later on one began seeing the sparkle in her. Her part was an intense one to do and got the string admirably. I put some distance between her after Balika Vadhu yet amid the time she was there, I connected with her at whatever capacities we met. I make them continue recollections of Pratyusha. I recollect that, I was at this honor capacity where she won 7 trophies. She was a petite and fraile young lady and couldn't hold all trophies. I and other held two trophies each and took it to her auto.

The other memory that I have of her was the point at which we met for a BBC narrative that was being made on kid marriage. They needed one author and lead on-screen character for their narrative and since our show was on youngster relational unions they had arrived on sets to. I recall on a Sunday morning I went to Vasai and she was there in her ensemble. That day I got sufficient time to know her more on a one-on-one premise. that was the time I burned through one and one. I thought then that she was mature enough to be my little girl. She was apprehensive before the BBC shoot and had energetically asked me how she ought to express and what she ought to say. She additionally asked me the mystery behind my skin and composition and said, 'I need to have your appearance when I achieve your age.' Those words frequented me when I learnt about her passing. It torments me that she will never achieve that age. She was similar to a youngster to us. I recall on her 21sy birthday, she enthusiastically let me know that she could do things that she couldn't prior. For her age, she was exceptionally solid. It's so overwhelming and startling for a young lady from a residential community to live alone and deal with her life. She dealt with that and that was a major thing yet some place things turned out badly.

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