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The lion is one of the enormous felines in the sort Panthera and an individual from the family Felidae. The ordinarily utilized term African lion all in all means the few subspecies found in Africa. With a few guys surpassing 250 kg (550 lb) in weight, it is the second-biggest living feline after the tiger. Wild lions at present exist in sub-Saharan Africa and in India (where an imperiled leftover populace dwells in Gir Forest National Park). In antiquated memorable times, their reach was in a large portion of Africa, including North Africa, and crosswise over Eurasia from Greece and southeastern Europe to India. In the late Pleistocene, around 10,000 years prior, the lion was the most broad substantial area warm blooded animal after people: Panthera leo spelaea lived in northern and western Europe and Panthera leo atrox lived in the Americas from the Yukon to Peru.The lion is delegated a helpless animal types by the IUCN, having seen a noteworthy populace decrease in its African scope of 30–50% for every two decades amid the second 50% of the twentieth century.Lion populaces are untenable outside assigned stores and national parks. Despite the fact that the reason for the decay is not completely comprehended, living space misfortune and clashes with people are the best reasons for concern. Inside of Africa, the West African lion populace is especially jeopardized.

In the wild, guys at times live more than 10 to 14 years, as wounds supported from nonstop battling with opponent guys extraordinarily decrease their life span. In imprisonment they can live over 20 years. They regularly occupy savanna and prairie, in spite of the fact that they may take to bramble and woodland. Lions are uncommonly social contrasted with different felines. A pride of lions comprises of related females and posterity and a little number of grown-up guys. Gatherings of female lions normally chase together, preying generally on expansive ungulates. Lions are pinnacle and cornerstone predators, in spite of the fact that they are likewise master scroungers acquiring more than 50 percent of their sustenance by searching as circumstance permits. While lions don't commonly chase people, some have. Resting essentially amid the day, lions are dynamic principally during the evening (nighttime), albeit once in a while at sundown (crepuscular).

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