Most Viewed Video"Leopard Attack"


हेर्नुहोस भिडियो

The video starts with two elands battling with each other. Them two are folks and they are battling to mate. The f!gh*t typically continue going for 10 minutes most noteworthy. The overall public on safari were shooting the battle and was a serious intriguing perspective to have the ability to watch and catch on camera. The including suddenly warms up when a young puma assaults one of the gazelle from the back. The animal and in addition the people watching it in like manner get stunned.

The energetic jaguar recovers the eland by the and skiped on it. The other gazelle has no idea about the puma and is continuing to assault the other eland. When it comprehends about the colossal cat it escapes away where as the other pronghorn battles with the jaguar. it tries to loosen the hold however is not prepared to. Regardless, at last the colossal body of the gazelle helps it to escape from the grip of the puma. Besides, eland is adequately blessed to avoid blasting at the creases with just a couple scratches.
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