Nepali Short Movie 5 Minets


नया दशैँ तिहारका mp3 गीत सुन्नुहोस् साथै डाउनलोड गर्नुहोस्

Sound/video:- hot nepal

Chief:- santosh raj sapkota

Cinematographer:- prabesh pokharel

Proofreader:- sanjya lama

Model:- santosh raj sapkota, ajit Shrestha, jenisha tamang, raj ,

After Production:- hot nepal

story:- bhadragol

This film is about time . The title of this film is letting us know about the narrative of Movie. Watching this film we can say that the on-screen characters who are acting in this motion picture is just begun to learning acting. There is no familiarity with their exchange. Their body structure while acting is not all that great.

In the accompanying few pages you will appreciate time from a completely new perspective and discover the purpose behind time? This will pass on to light the reason

behind various desires of Special and General Relativity. By acknowledging what is time and what is its cause you will discover why time moderates with

development and in gravity? You will understand the explanation behind gravity and why it is simply charming? Why space is twisted by gravitational fields? Why

objects build mass when revived by a force however don't expand mass when falling in gravity? What is the explanation behind idleness and length

withdrawal? I am showing here a sensible response for the puzzler of time. The thoughts are direct so that anyone with data of auxiliary school

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Time presents to us in an extensive variety of ways. We measure time, keep time, meet and welcome in time and our step by step lives are completely wrapped around

the ahead surge of time. We consider time to be past present and future. In material science time expect a critical part in the estimation of development and qualities.

Time in like manner gives us a spot like feeling to it suggesting that time is an estimation. This has sprung a whole society around time travel

inciting different science fiction stories, and movies. The various elements of time suggest that time is another wonder that is rising up out of

some essential process that we need to perceive.

The best jump forward in cognizance of time happened around a hundred years back with Einstein's theories of excellent and general relativity

which displayed decreasing of time with development and in gravity. Einstein furthermore exhibited that inconceivable masses twist space and there is development

in mass with expanding speed by usage of a force. These disclosures of Einstein give the essential bits of data to handling the riddle of time.

A standout amongst the most reliable devices to evaluate time was the sundials; which used the suns development as a standard of estimation for time. The usage of units

like seconds and minutes which are winding edge estimations in geometry may be showing the main relationship of time estimations to

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When we measure the pace of an auto, we seem, by all accounts, to be measuring speed with something applied called time; we are altogether taking a gander at a known

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may have no free nearness by any methods, it simply has all the reserves of being an ordinary unit of development making the world that is continually hinting at change more straightforward to



Time is a veritable wonder a reliable change through which we live. Time gets the chance to be clear through development; sunrise nightfalls, night and day, the

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besides, are moreover at work and are a bit of time. Other vital piece of time is proximity of development of particles like photon and the development at

the atomic level. An as often as possible dismissed yet vital piece of time is that qualities moreover act in time.
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