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Under 10 months after his title offer against Chris Weidman completed in an offensive scene, past UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva sat perched upon a stage on a Tuesday evening in Rio de Janeiro, his tormented yells and harmed leg supplanted by a clearly unending course of straightforward smiles and even an assessing of his best Whitney Houston falsetto.

The memories of that night at UFC 168 will constantly sit tight for Silva, when a checked leg kick provoked the shattering of his left fibula and tibia — as astonishing a decision to a praised organization as could be made — however until further notice Silva's story continues. With surgery and reclamation about behind him, the 39-year-old hopes to return in mid 2015, engaging in a blockbuster fight against Stockton's most adored youngster, Nick Diaz.
Moreover, in truth, it's a moment that Silva once acknowledged would never come.
"I play around in light of the way that I have to play around," Silva perceived through a translator. "Regardless, it's something I couldn't care less to remember unnecessarily. I encountered the most observably awful month of my life. It was a lot of torment the moment when I broke my leg. When I comprehended my leg was broken, I altogether considered my calling was. So a million things encountered my mind.
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