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हेर्नुहोस भिडियो

Social business was described by Nobel Peace Prize laureate Professor Muhammad Yunus and is depicted in his books Creating a world without dejection—Social Business and the consequent destiny of private venture and Building Social Business—The new kind of free undertaking that serves humanity's most pressing needs.

In these books, Yunus portrayed a social business as a business:

Made and proposed to address a social issue

A non-setback, non-benefit association, i.e.

It is financially self-practical and

Advantages recognized by the business are reinvested in the business itself (or used to start other social associations), with the purpose of growing social impact, for example augmenting the association's accomplish, upgrading the things or organizations or in various ways financing the social mission.

Not in any manner like an advantage expanding business, the prime purpose of a social business is not to enlarge advantages (despite the way that making advantages is fancied). In addition, business visionaries are not getting any benefit out of the business advantages, accepting any.

On the other hand, unlike a non-advantage, a social business is not dependent on blessings or on private or open honors to survive and to work, in light of the way that, as some different business, it is self-doable. In addition, not at all like a non-advantage, where resources are spent only once on the field, stores in a social business are added to augmentation and upgrade the business' operations on the field on an uncertain reason. Per Yunus' quote: "A generosity dollar has one and just life; a social business dollar can be contributed over and over."

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