Upbeat New Year 2073 Suman Pariyar Bindu Pariyar By Sahadev Koirala


हेर्नुहोस भिडियो

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New Nepali New Year wish Song "Subhakamana"

Portable Ringback Tone Codes For This Song

PRBT : 60545243

Verses of This Song

Male and Female : Subhakamana mero tapailai naya barshako

Banos ho yo saal nepali lai khushi ra harsha ko

Pretek paila safltako paiyos sikhar tekhna

Naparos hai nepali ko aakha maa aasu dekhna

Junk ra abhab mai bityo yo saal bhayana kasailai harsha

Khushi bolaudai naya barsha lai swagat garnu parchha...

Insight About B.S. Bikram Sambat

This is another Nepali Song of New year wishes. In April 13 2016 It's 2073 B.S. The B.S. is called Vikram Samvat or Bikram Samvat (Nepali: विक्रम सम्वत्) (contracted as V.S. on the other hand B.S.; It utilizes lunar months and sun based sidereal year . In Nepal it is likewise termed Bikram Sambat, however is processed utilizing the tropical year.

The Vikram Samvat logbook is 56.7 years ahead (in number) of the sun oriented Gregorian timetable. For instance, the year 2056 BS started in AD 1999 and finished in AD 2000. The new year starts with the main day after the new moon, in the month of Chaitra, Chaitra Shuddha 1 or Chaitra Shukla Paksha Prathama; which ordinarily falls in March–April in the Gregorian logbook. The nine-day Navaratri celebration season starts on this day, finishing on Ram Navami day. In Nepal, it starts in mid-April and imprints the begin of the sunlight based new year.

The Vikrama Samvat is said to have been established by the fabulous Indian ruler Vikramaditya, differently thought to be a halfway verifiable figure or a simply legendary character. The Rana leaders of Nepal made it their official date-book. In India, the reformulated Saka Calendar is authoritatively utilized, in spite of the fact that in the Hindi rendition of the Preamble of the Constitution of India, the date of reception of the constitution, 26 November 1949, is introduced in Vikram Samvat (Margsheersh Shukla Saptami Samvat 2006). There have been requires the Vikram Samvat to supplant Saka as India's official schedule.

More Details About This Song

Bagina Digital Presents :-

melody:- Shubhskamana

Vocal:- Suman Pariyar Bindu Pariyar

Verses:- Sahadev Koirala

Music:- Sahadev Koirala

Sound/video:- Chahana Media

Editorial manager:- Pawan Simkhsda

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