Mayako Ghanti Bajauchhu by Hemraj Thapa


हेर्नुहोस भिडियो

"Mayako Ghanti Bajauchhu" is the main title of the new nepali lok song. This is new nepali lok geet. This song is generally based on love and entertainment. This song si singed by Hemraj Thapa. He is the famous singer ogf the nepal. his voice is different than other neoalo lok singer . An Tulasi gharti is also famous singer of the neoal. Her song is popular in the nepal.
Singer are Hemraj Thapa and Tulsi Gharti
Lyrics is composed by Hemraj Thapa
Music is arranged by Gopal Nepal GM
Artist are Naresh Jogi and Anjali Thakuri
Director of this video is Bikram Chauhan

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